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Cross-border Remittance

MoneyExpress is a cross-border remittance service that has been launched in 45 countries and regions including the US, Japan, Singapore, Australia, the UK, Russia, and Kyrgyzstan.12 cooperating institutions are included. Banks like CIBC,KB and specialized institutions like MoneyGram, XOOM, and Transferwise. Through these institutions’ offline outlets, official websites, and mobile APP, individuals outside Mainland China can easily make cross-border remittance to UnionPay cards issued by 14 banks in China, including ICBC, BOC, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, China Everbright Bank, and Hua Xia Bank. Domestic cardholders can get remittance in RMB and then can make purchases or withdraw cash, and they do not have to handle the payment of remittance and foreign exchange settlement.
Different from the traditional cross-border telegraphic transfer, MoneyExpress settles the exchange rate in advance and deposit the remittance into the remittee’s UnionPay account in RMB. Therefore, the payee does not need to handle the payment of remittance or pay the bank service fee; she/he can use the money directly. In general, the remittance is deposited into the payee’s account in real time or within 12 hours.

Sending institutions that support this service are as follows:
Institution Region Service channels
MoneyGram The UK, Korea, Australia and other countries and regions. (For details, please refer to MoneyGram’s public notice.) 1. Official websites
2. Offline outlets (including branch outlets and other cooperative outlets)
Xoom The US. Please refer to public notice 1. Official websites
2. Mobile APP
Transferwise Countries and regions including the UK and France. (For details, please refer to Transferwise’s public notice.) 1. Official websites
2. Mobile APP
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Canada 1. Official websites
2.Mobile App
4.Branch outlets
PNB The Philippines Branch outlets
QIWI Bank Russia Mobile APP
Golden Crown
RIB Kyrgyzstan Branch outlets
Mifinity The UK 1. Official websites
2. Mobile APP
KB South Korea 1.ATM
2.Branch outlets
Tranglo Malaysia 1. Official websites
2. Mobile APP

Domestic receiving institutions of Mainland China that support MoneyExpress are as followed:
Issuers Debit card Credit card
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited
Bank of China
China Construction Bank ×
Bank of Communications ×
China Everbright Bank ×
Hua Xia Bank ×
Harbin Bank ×
Bank of Shanghai ×
Fujian Rural Credit Cooperative ×
Linshang Bank ×
Hunan Rural Credit Cooperative ×
Qinghai Rural Credit Cooperative ×
Guangdong Rural Credit Cooperative ×
Henan Rural Credit Cooperative ×